Full Version: 2021 Predictions
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Okay my last post for tonight.
What is your prediction for 2021.
In emoji here's what I predict: ??️???????????????????????⛱️?️????

Idk what it means, but it'll happen.
yo 2021 the year of beige lets gooo
I hope 2021 brings better, 2020 wasn't good
(01-01-2021, 07:00 AM)beigehoodie Wrote: [ -> ]yo 2021 the year of beige lets gooo

Yeezy year
i felt some bad 'omens' right at the start of 2021, i kept spilling liquids all over the place, spilled some coffee on my brand new hoodie, but then things got better
my friend was telling me they felt a lot of good omens and signs towards the year
but the most important thing to remember is that a year is really whatever you make it to be, we're constantly rebirthing ourselves as humans so we can make our lives (to a certain extent of course) into whatever we want it to be. it's important to stay committed to others as well, though, take some time, money, or other resources into helping other people out and restoring the world Smile
the usa will reach 1 million covid deaths by june
i think bad shit will continue to occur until covid is over or at least it becomes much more safe to go out and do things. then everyone will be happy enough to not feel like doing bad things
peach drinks and peach related products will become insanely popular in the mainstream even though they all taste like shit
Covid 21  Cool Cool Cool Angry