Full Version: World War 3?
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What do you guys think? is it popping off?
Try not to think about it really, try to actually doing stuff because i don't want to think about it and about conseqneunces. I sometimes find myself really depressing and thinking about a lot of stuff so i definitely need to relax and also to actually switch of bad thoughts, and for these reasons i do a lot of various things, like for example serfing internet and also look for interesting photos, like for track vector photos. They seem cool to me and i think that watching them makes me feel myself better
It's not like you can do anything about it so I just don't really think about it too much. I can't beg israel to just stop it lol
In the current geopolitical climate, i think its highly unlikly. Many contries have nukes and icbms. Attaking a nuclear armed nation as a non nuclear armed nation is idiotic and attaking a nuclear armed nation as a nuclear armed nation is mutaly assured destruction. I think the most likly scenario where mutaly assured destruction goes away is if anti icbm technologies becomes a thing. The thing is that thats relly hard. However, if ww3 sarts in this geopolitcal climate, the world would end.