Full Version: Do they make good tv or movies anymore?
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Did streaming ruin everything? I can't find anything I  want to watch and I hear other people complain about the same thing only eventually settling on the latest watercooler show or movie. Is the golden age over?
i heard kung fu panda 4 is pretty bad, so yea perhaps we should just stick with the older movies
I never want to see anything with Jack Black in it again
Breaking bad was the peak of TV, boardwalk empire demonstrating the sharp decline, and everything else has been 'bingeable' to be low substance, high quantity garbage.

The disney consolidation killed movies because they are officially only for propaganda now instead of having some sort of cultural merits that we can relate to. Every movie is now made for china, two enemies must band together to stop a larger enemy. BORING. It's transparent propaganda with video game graphics.

You'll never see another Pulp Fiction because they'd rather make a sequel with Bruce's hologram than pay a writer a dime for a new idea. There's a big list of stuff that actually needs to be canceled to make way for fresh ideas. Of course these industries keep out new blood because they want to be the gatekeepers in draculas castle.

How much of our entertainment and culture is predicated on abuse and suffering of those who make it possible? This is what's killing entertainment behind the scenes, IMO. The magic factory out there has a dark dark secret and we only know a small fraction of it.

Every DVD, every Bluray has this silent revisionist history where you know the film you're watching teetered on being labeled a crime scene if it weren't for the institutionalized corruption. It's cheaper and cheaper to film and yet it costs more and more to make movies? No wonder your accounting is infamous.

Nothing left except for Will Smith slapping comedians to thunderous applause. Welcome to Jerry Springer's America, don't forget to turn the other cheek it's just good PR.
(03-19-2024, 03:46 PM)dashasidaru Wrote: [ -> ]I never want to see anything with Jack Black in it again

whats wrong with jack black
(03-31-2024, 06:13 PM)coolperson2 Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-19-2024, 03:46 PM)dashasidaru Wrote: [ -> ]I never want to see anything with Jack Black in it again

whats wrong with jack black

It's kind of hard to explain. Jack Black is fine in something where it's his creation. Tenacious D was funny, HBO and on. The rest is just too obnoxious to me. Like he's typecast as a stereotype of himself. He'd shine again if he were given another Tenacious D movie or something where he feels passionate but we all know there will be yet another Kung Fu Panda first.

I feel like they'll squander the rest of his talent until he passes away and then they'll have his son reboot his entire film career in some streaming original AI cobbled together shit fest that somehow makes more money than a small countries' GDP