Full Version: The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski
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I recently have decided to immerse myself in The Witcher universe completely and read the books that the show and the games are based off of. When I'm reading a book or taking in any form of storytelling I hate feeling like I've misunderstood something about it because when that happens it's just a snow ball of misunderstanding and you might under value the importance of some of the events in the plot and so on. Plus it makes me feel stupid and I'll worry about it and get discouraged from finishing reading or taking in that form of art.  I have watched the show and played a little bit of the third game but was pretty confused throughout it all. It's pretty hard to understand when you start a story in the middle and that's what it's like playing the games and watching the show without first reading the books. Although the show starts at the beginning of the story, a lot of details about the world are either unexplained or take a bit of extra attention to pick up on. Reading the books helps a ton, it explains everything at a very accessible pace and are really enjoyable to read. The novels are all pretty short and easy to read quickly. The first two novels (The last wish, sword of destiny) are a collection of short stories meant to introduce you to the universe and the story's main characters. As you read on your perception of the world and its politics and such expand. It's very intricately written almost to the point where it could be real. I recommend these books if your into fantasy and sci-fi genres or have previously watched/played the witcher. 
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