Full Version: Advice for how to escape from a time loop?
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(08-11-2021, 09:28 AM)pasta Wrote: [ -> ]play it out you must have misswed something. you will keep looping til you get it. just dont panic i realised im still in a 5 year loop only last week bc it came full circle, im not worried though because ive learnt more this cycle and feel like im closer to breaking out

soon   Big Grin
x3 hey i neva used forums is this how

hi ho an awayyyyyyy

lmao? shelove you. did this happen to eric?
I’m serious btw.
Maybe it's one of those time loops where it only breaks after you've learned some lesson or repent for some failure? If it is this kind of loop it might explain why you can't use info from previous iterations, since the required knowledge to escape is outside the context of the loop. There's also the possibility you're caught in someone else's loop. As some kind of unintentional hitchhiker.
Being realistic I doubt it’s either of those. I think it might of branched off a timeline because I was in such a crazy mental state at the time and things just aligned for the worst experience of my life, thankfully it wasn’t worse than it was but I might be reliving it again and again throughout my life every new year I get to it might take me back to the beginning of the loop and have to go through everything again

I think you're in the clear. Although I do not know the details of the cycle you were trapped in, I am certain that something has changed. The hell that was February 2021 - ??? is over. I might be projecting here but, I feel as if a relative peace has returned my immediate area. Perhaps it was a physical change in environment or a journey of self-acceptance. Regardless, I’m happy to hear that you’ve escaped the situation that you were trapped in. Let's hope that positive developments occur in the new year.

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