Full Version: hi im pasta whats ur name
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in been here 4 a long time i havent rly used forums much in my life  i dunno why something intimidates me about them

[Image: Screenshot-2021-09-03-9-43-13-PM.png]
i call this 1: 
snake on a train
did you try to use the forums?
i am currently trying, but no im generqlly not trying. i
Hi pasta I'm chemical b ((bitch))
omg it's my boy pasta, hii
(03-07-2022, 03:15 AM)ariizon Wrote: [ -> ]omg it's my boy pasta, hii

hiiii ariizon, i dont usually come on forum bc i dont know how lol but i love ur pictureeee ronda mcdonda is it???

(10-03-2021, 11:05 PM)chemical_b Wrote: [ -> ]Hi pasta I'm chemical b ((bitch))

hiiiii chemical b sorry i thought i replyd but im none 2 flash on the forum   Confused Blush
'sup Pasta. Nice to see you on the forum. I would say hi on the main site too but I'm currently trapped in this webzone please send help.