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TV doesnt exist anymore - Lettersnotaboutlove - 02-17-2022

so what medium is the message? the massage?  hmmmmm?
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RE: TV doesnt exist anymore - M.C. Roach - 02-17-2022

TV died a long time ago, guess we just got to move on with life and watch YouTube on our phones.

RE: TV doesnt exist anymore - oracle - 08-01-2022

I only watch binding of Isaac runs or cruelty squad speedruns to sleep. Better call Saul is a good show tho.

RE: TV doesnt exist anymore - Voodudee - 08-17-2023

I dont miss tv programing at all there was really no control over what they fed you. I loved the switch over to youtube and streaming services beacuse you now had control over what and when you wanted to watch something. Then Tik Tok and shorts have become a thing and everyone is being programed again and have given up finding what they actually want to see. I hate it they also slip shitty music down our throats on some music streaming services too.

RE: TV doesnt exist anymore - blackthrone - 10-18-2023


The people of earth are under siege from the global oligarchy and the message being distilled through culture both online and mainstream is not positive. The people generating the big money culture are only concerned about their stock price and it's not that art doesn't exist only that the market as it stands isn't interested in doing anything except for regurgitating the same garbage into your mouth like a baby bird. Make your own culture, fuck their plan.