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Serial Experiments Lain - WiredEgo13 - 01-09-2021

Opinions on this show?
[Image: lain-bear-2.png]

RE: Serial Experiments Lain - Apathy - 01-10-2021

Comfy show. The sound design, music, art direction, and story give it a lot of rewatch value too.
Almost forgot to mention how great the opening song is too.  
The creators of the show put a lot of care into the show as evidenced by this interview from Otakon 2000 
It was also one of the first and few licensed, uncensored, and subbed anime to make it onto American television cause PBS was cool.
Also the show was supposed to create a clash between Japanese and American culture but failed to do so much to the disappointment of the show’s creator. 
There’s also a cool dedicated following of the show on Neocities where people create their own Lain inspired websites.

RE: Serial Experiments Lain - lainsuperman - 01-10-2021

This is the show, the show that.

thetelegram was the main highlight of my watching experience
although i am only on ep 3 as i am restricted to watching 1second a day

gerome signing out


get back soon

RE: Serial Experiments Lain - GlenDangerKnox - 01-10-2021

^ this is too accurate mate Top notch !!!
[Image: 20200710-203342.jpg]

RE: Serial Experiments Lain - SwolenNutsDueToSex - 01-10-2021

god damn this show calmed my swollen
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RE: Serial Experiments Lain - xexzee - 01-13-2021

cool show, pretty strange and tbh really confusing at times, opening song is great, something about it feels personally relatable for me but i'm not entirely sure what it is or why i feel that way

RE: Serial Experiments Lain - brorf - 01-14-2021

So I was pulling a kratom/concerta/xan/weed all nighter trying to do work for college while FaceTiming with my bestie and I hadn't slept in like three days before that (not because of drugs but because of insomnia). Anyway, at some point I realized Lain was downloaded and I decided to stop doing all work and started watching it. By 10 AM I was in my counterpoint class and I was like the last episode of Lain and for about an hour I completely froze and everything in my vision except Lain was blacked out and my professor's voice from the zoom came trough distorted and reverberated almost like my brain was trying to cut it out.

At some point my completely melted brain fully internalized the events of the last few episodes and I've never been able to watch it again because it feels too real and scary after that incident.

Awesome story telling and plot though. I get sus about shows that people call "it's like evangelion" but I feel like Lain actually has enough of an emotional/societal core that it can be rightfully compared to evangelion.

RE: Serial Experiments Lain - Spacebar - 03-13-2021

This would be my favorite anime if it weren't for how it ended. I haven't seen it in years, but I remember it getting pretty boring in the second half. I'll probably rewatch it soon since I still remember the first half being amazing.

RE: Serial Experiments Lain - 493mew - 03-17-2021

I fucking wanna play the game so bad

RE: Serial Experiments Lain - totah - 03-20-2021

it's one of those shows where you watch it and then a few months later you can only vaguely remember a few key scenes, so you watch it again and it feels new all over again. in other words: good.