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Commissioning logo for my label - goblincore - 08-14-2022

g'day ravers,

Hopefully I have came to the right place. I am looking to commission a new logo for my label Goblin House, it is primarily an electronic label focusing on representing the deepest of underground artists that deserve to be on the foreground. 

Though we currently do have a logo I am simply not proud of it, it doesn't fit the broad theme and flexibility of the label as well as just not being very marketable. 

I am willing to pay up to $50usd for the logo. All I have in mind is that it is simple and recognisable.

Hopefully some talent here would be interested in working together, if so I will of course return to the holy land of A2B2, however it would be quicker to email us at:
[email protected]

thanks my selektas  Angel