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Favorite Adult Swim shows? - CrazyAboutTheOcean - 07-09-2021

Basically grew up on [as]. Have lots of great memories with all the phenomenal shows. Can't really pick 1. I have 3 tho.

1.) Superjail!

2.) Metalocalypse 

3.) The Boondocks 

Of course stuff like The Eric Andre Show too! But sadly it doesn't take my top 3. Even ATHF comes before Eric Andre. One show that only has one episode as of writing this, but I can't wait to see what comes in the future is Smiling Friends

Can't wait to see y'alls picks!  Big Grin

RE: Favorite Adult Swim shows? - greenstick65 - 07-23-2021

Definitely superjail is one boondocks is legendary and my last choice is primal.

RE: Favorite Adult Swim shows? - Voodudee - 08-06-2021

Adult swim to me was the show I didnt care what they played and the shows didnt care who watched them its the experience of being up at night and getting subjected to the twisted,, ugly, and underground. Its the tucked away channel that producers could sneak these little gems into. Rare for TV back then everything had to produce ratings and adultswim was a outsider channel made by outsiders in the TV world. ROBOT CHICKEN IS MY AWSWER i guess

RE: Favorite Adult Swim shows? - eelbath - 08-07-2021

XRA no doubt

RE: Favorite Adult Swim shows? - shunt - 08-09-2021

In order of how much I like them I'd say,
Xavier Renegade Angel
Venture Bros.
Ballmasterz 9000/Superjail
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole
T&E Awesome Show

With an ""honorable"" mention for MDE Presents : World Peace. I like Adult Swim but I think they did MDE really dirty by cancelling it.

RE: Favorite Adult Swim shows? - goblin - 08-10-2021

def fuckin Off The Air

RE: Favorite Adult Swim shows? - Geehok - 09-09-2021

The venture bros.

RE: Favorite Adult Swim shows? - funsize - 11-27-2022

The shivering truth

RE: Favorite Adult Swim shows? - znep - 12-01-2023

Go Team Venture

RE: Favorite Adult Swim shows? - metro-lime-VI - 12-01-2023

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
And the Boondocks.
Samurai jack season 5.
Probably others but those stand out the most as being very entertaining. Especially harvey birdman.