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YouTube Oddities Thread - Opus - 11-21-2021

An animated movie I encountered via the song being uploaded to Newgrounds: 
Crazybone and the Chimney Beans Three

RE: YouTube Oddities Thread - Oocyte - 01-06-2022

Alright, I'm back to dump some crap I've found. 

(Swim Lessons for a Baby)

(Silent Filtered Video of Someplace)

(The unknown beauty)


(Michael Maus)

(Furry Rave)


RE: YouTube Oddities Thread - CadaverAssembly - 05-21-2022

      Found this odd channel the other day. It's filled with a lot of random and surreal videos, most of them being 3D animations and stop-motion. The channel seems to be fairly active. Something about the channel makes me feel physically ill; however, I hope they stay active and keep doing what they're doing.
     They also have a fairly active Bandcamp.

RE: YouTube Oddities Thread - TerryDev - 07-13-2022

RE: YouTube Oddities Thread - new - 11-25-2022

Pretty much all of the County Bluff videos are weird.


There isn't really a point to any of the videos and some of them have weird messages in them. Some of the videos are really pretty and unsettling at the same time.

RE: YouTube Oddities Thread - sillydeer - 01-30-2023

This video is pretty unsettling


RE: YouTube Oddities Thread - edenbean - 03-06-2023

Bro, what/who is this form for? Im chilling with it but why did this show up as a myspace replacement?

RE: YouTube Oddities Thread - CadaverAssembly - 04-09-2023

It is possible this man is actually schizophrenic. As of writing, he has about 9k vids. I find them very interesting. Part of me wants to start analyzing them all and then create a wiki based off of what I find.

RE: YouTube Oddities Thread - TerryDev - 05-08-2023

(03-06-2023, 03:35 AM)edenbean Wrote: Bro, what/who is this form for? Im chilling with it but why did this show up as a myspace replacement?

Interesting, where did you see that?

RE: YouTube Oddities Thread - migrationdocs - 07-27-2023

(01-01-2021, 07:05 AM)waste Wrote:
(01-01-2021, 03:49 AM)TerryDev Wrote: Post strange / weird / low view count YouTube videos that make you question the origin. Or anything odd, for that matter.

I'll start-

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-5_hMIOXdE]

not sure why that's a restricted video. There's no NSFW content in there... It contains no bad content at all for that matter

found on petitetube last night. truly sad stuff Huh