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Title: Plate Spread Anchors Made in China
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Our History
Our company established in year of 1999 at Ningbo, it's one of main manufacturer for producing Steel products such as Fasteners, Precast Accessories and hardware parts in China for more than 20 years, It's ISO9001 and CE Certified.
Our Factory
It's about 10000 Square meter of our factory, there are 5 workshops for Forging, Machining, Stamping,Threading, Welding. There are 50 CNC Machine, 10 Tapping machine, 5 Threading Machine,  10 punching Machine, 10 stamping machine and 2 Automatic Welding Robot.
We have own Laboratory for making different kins of Testing such as Tensile Strength Testing, Hardness Testing, Impact Testing etc.
Our main market is European and USA. With ISO9001 Certified workshops, our products are with good quality and timely delivery. All the products are CE Certified!
A team of qualified Engineer and technicians work on products analysis,technical process optimization & quality control.
Reasonable Prices, Timely Delivery, Efficient Response----Your choice!
Our Product
Precast Accessories: Lifting Foot Anchors, Lifting Sockets, Fixing Sockets,Fixing Insert, Rebar Anchors, Erection Anchors, Spread Anchors, Two Hole Anchors, Sanwich Panel Anchors,Plate Anchors, Lifting Loops, Cast In Loops, Wavy Tail Anchors, Bolt Anchors,  Connection Loop Box, Rubber Recess Former, Magnet Recess Former,Lifting Clutch, Ring Clutch and so on.
Fasteners: Hammer Head Bolts, Nuts, Thread Rod, Washers
Lifting and Lashing products: Chains, Shackles, Lifting Slings,connecting links, safety hooks, sling hooks, lifting points, Rachet,Rachet buckles
OEM Steel Metal Parts: Different kinds of materials by Stamping, Forging and Machining.
Product Application
Industrial and Construction area
Our Certificate
CE, ISO9001
Production Equipment
Punching Mahine, Tapping machine, forging machine, Treading Machine, CNC machine, Automatic welding Robot.
Production Market
Mainly for European and American market, Yearly turnover is about 12million USD.
Our Service
Free of Charge Samples approvalPlate Spread Anchors Made in China

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