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Title: Colors
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(04-15-2021, 11:04 PM)keifer Wrote: When I think of green, I think sustainability, synthetics, & innovation.

#11bb02 <- this is the color that I identify with. Do you know how much forking time I spend in front of a green screen?
There is something very artificial about that particular shade. Key it out, replace with content. Repeat.

Artificial safety -> green.
Artificial turf -> green.
Artificial value -> green

The world is going "green".

Can we talk about greenwashing? I forkin' hate big oil. My entire local economy is based around dumping GREEN $$$ into dead pipeline projects. There isn't enough GREEN $$$ to pay for this project so our government officials decided to cut social services, defund our educational supports, & invest in oppressive pigs.

Green is regression. Green is progress. We need to re-access what "Green" represents.

haha anyways frog! XD love green! Favorite colour!!

[Image: https://i.ibb.co/z7mn58s/GREEN-11bb02.jpg]

Thats a really interesting idea of green being artificial, coz of its usual association with nature. When I think of green I think of computers, cyber space, like the green used on this website, which is similarly artifical. Green is also my favourite colour Wink
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