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Title: META: ex-facebook. We are living in a near-dystopia.
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Personally I think meta is just overrated vr chat. Dont like it cuz the people look like xbox avatars and shit. Wouldnt call it a dystopian thing but like we know people have to interact irl to survive. Hopefully my statements dont age like milk...
probably will tbh.

tech future is inevitable, we've already moved the collective unconsciousness into hylic space, now we just need to do it the other way around.
I want to believe that Meta won't replace IRL interaction, but given that there are already a significant amount of people that live the majority of their lives online, it isn't completely impossible. Hopefully if that does become the case it will only be some fringe group and not the majority of people living in industrial society. My only real worry about Meta taking over is the complete death of privacy and inscape from advertisements. At least the price of VR equipment and the reputation of Facebook will be repelling to some. In any case, the dystopia is at least a few years off.

But if it does become the new form of human existence, maybe it'll finally give me the chance to recede undetected into the wilderness so I can live and die as my paleolithic forefathers. Either that or it will somehow cause a mass-ego death rendering individuality and sentience entirely vestigial.
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I thought I was on Blind when I saw the “Meta: Ex-Facebook” in the title lol.

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