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Title: News Years Resolutions
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Post them here!!
I'll start. In 2021, I want to release an EP of music. It will probably be shit but I want to see something come out of my last 5 months of fucking around.
we are a circle
within a circle
Yeah, same, pretty much. I'm still undecided whether to make the first LEG JIT release an EP or go all out with an LP but I've got a lot of unfinished tracks I want to get done this year, some of which I've been occasionally tinkering with for over half a year at this point.
More generally: more regular music making
i want to learn the japanese parts of every kkb song. i can sing the english bits perfect but struggle with the japanese bits
Heart love yourself  Heart
I want to release another album and read more books
I want to release a record and get better at drums.
Just releasing more music. I now have a much better idea of what the hell I'm doing and now I can make music at a very much increased rate
travel the world, get out of africa for the first time in my life

[Image: m78z5mP.gif][Image: m78z5mP.gif]
i wanna draw more and make more music. and also to catch up on part 8 of jojo
i want to try and listen to more albums all the way through

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