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Title: animals vs. humans
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when you tou Angel Angel ch animals or make them in blue clouds you see god for a week Sad Sad Sad , but the moment you stick your Confused brother with metal Huh will you be fla Heart me eternal
[Image: wnecwn.jpg]
a little birdie told me that angels only fall from heaven because god runs green like greed so on a bad day he will single out the prettiest little angel in all of the glorious land far and wide and tie two ginormous cinder blocks to their ankles so in attempt to stay closer to heaven they flap flap flap their wings until god gets woken up from his slumber to the terrible noise like a thousand trash flies to only snip the chord culling the noise while in a last ditch chance to retain idolatry of heaven body they have stomachs and if you kill a cat you will see god for a week but if you kill your brother then you will be eternal flame and the
[Image: 84384896-60x60.jpg]

y told me if you take that metal and convince your
inhibitions to duck then you can find the sa
p slow as time lather yourself up and try to float suspend your heaven hands to mimic the idle father
i made a mistake now it wants to trail me like smoke out of my ass, i blow out 2 many candle heaven said "i wan't an abortion" and she closed her legs for good

tell us about it eyedargus

i will have to find her on my banana phone, i will ask her to marry me

did u get my message ..? you know how phones are...

please return the line

and in the earthquake I fucked a pregnant banana and if the Pregnant banana gets pregnant I would tap my shoes twice to return and where’s my banana phone

buster the mayor, what is this phony banqueti must tap as I do as I choose to return i mark the calendar where it bleeds white like an eggshell I must remember tap my shoes twice to return buster the mayor, what is this phony banquet in the name of perish sally, my wife and I were wondering did you take our son he hasn’t been for months
Please return the call

and remember this land where I send my piss with steak to coat Somewhere that my son floats to heaven under the paved gold in both our name I will eat the dirt on my front lawn because it will taste like you i devour vanquish now and never from eternity cancels divide and together as one more body left to go figure it out the birth canal is shrinking and you will never access heaven your body goes to figure the birth canal is shrinking call my stomach in the banana phone to cancel your appointment if the pregnant banana gets pregnant we’ll start over again and have a good idea finally I can get to the point I never liked the cat in the sun and if enough be moon she might blow like smithereens to a crisp until her orgasms bring no more joyTap tapTap tapTap tap

Where’s my banana phone honest if death could remember that was so long ago you can’t prove anything you would be better off dead and I remember the day I had sex on the banana phone please return the call so my son may abort you in his grandfathers name you may leave us off the will but there will be no promise that your bones will see the day together and we will love to watch you separate, I may off myself once or twice to remember but then we may just be one able body behind a birth canal shrinking and the robot wants to suck my able body for stimulation disorder and I want to wack me off in the sun like you fathers before me and god will teach himself to pleasure give us each his number one more body left to go and we call on the banana phone and if the pregnant banana gets pregnant I won’t remember i might just call her up banana phone

Hello blue number 12 escalating slowly towards the sun may I have your identity and may we never speak of this again offer your dinner and consider the banana phone but think twice and then she is already gone but you still remember hello crystal clear March forward and to be me must you tread through the banana phone and one after another they slugged through the banana phone one body left to go and we call the banana phone after an earthquake if I meet you again pretend my face is a little bad idea and there is a many a dog in your head, birds on your shoulder next to the whispers of blow outs dead end a dead brothers faint tail through the thread a hat man has been infatuated with my candle blowing abilities since the day I was a false born and I steal life i steal life like eachother call my others body over the banana phone I will leave the room in time to catch an interference and watch me explode like crazy monkey how does it do to be extra able body how does it feel the birth canal me and my brothers will never go home me and my brothers will never see heaven me and my little friend that I will never question and if I do he said he will cut off my wings and I will not have his gift like heaven I know that wherever I go and that no matter what happens that I will be safe in its eye so for that why would I ever question where’s my banana phone

I can give birth to a million ideas called worlds in a universe webbed in thought all thanks to you I can remember the face of my dead relatives all thanks to you I have no material attachments all thanks to you I want to abort myself just to give you pleasure one of these days it will be over and you may use my once able body for eternal climax for slumber in a casket body and the cow may have done sex with the cat I will give her an orange but here is a statue that I built in his name for all eternity my soul will reside my ancestors got to evolve and become aliens then they put my brothers in common cage they use our bodies for their own pleasure to get off on our stimulation disorder I try not to think about the pleasure I have given them as a child the time they have eaten from my body I will never have back may I consider this body at fault may I tap tap to return but I will get nowhere with this dirt fetish during my false birth syndrome I will get nowhere if my new father is trapped inside this mirror I will get nowhere if she continues to tug at the chord that breathes through our wire I want nothing more than to get out of here but I am a golden goose For a false kingdom and now that I am here my little friend will never let me go I am a barren wasteland where god has finally died I doubt I hit the serpent where it needs to be told I had finally lost my banana phone I will never simulate heaven with my stimulation disorder one body left to go you will never be nothing and that’s exactly what you had asked for this is all your fault I wish I would have doubted you in the first place there is no going back I am such a fuck up and I hope that my pleasure would suffice but I know that now I am less than of worth as I lay my head to rest may I never see the day again where’s my banana phone

Please don’t make me
Please let it be

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