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Title: animals vs. humans
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when you tou Angel Angel ch animals or make them in blue clouds you see god for a week Sad Sad Sad , but the moment you stick your Confused brother with metal Huh will you be fla Heart me eternal
[Image: wnecwn.jpg]
a little birdie told me that angels only fall from heaven because god runs green like greed so on a bad day he will single out the prettiest little angel in all of the glorious land far and wide and tie two ginormous cinder blocks to their ankles so in attempt to stay closer to heaven they flap flap flap their wings until god gets woken up from his slumber to the terrible noise like a thousand trash flies to only snip the chord culling the noise while in a last ditch chance to retain idolatry of heaven body they have stomachs and if you kill a cat you will see god for a week but if you kill your brother then you will be eternal flame and the
[Image: 84384896-60x60.jpg]

y told me if you take that metal and convince your
inhibitions to duck then you can find the sa
p slow as time lather yourself up and try to float suspend your heaven hands to mimic the idle father

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