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Title: Trippiest game you've played
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Pretty much all of cactusquid's games. He's an indie developer that basically makes visually intense arcade style games. Highly recommended.

His best games imo are clean asia, seizuredome, and mondo agency
Music is nice too

(Seizure warning)
Yume Nikki, but honestly it's boring as sin
LSD dream emulator , really cool ps1 game
Tenament from kitty horror show vol 4 it was weird as but swag still
(01-07-2021, 03:03 PM)Slaque Wrote:
(01-03-2021, 03:47 PM)systemofchaos Wrote: probably FugueinVoid

Has this really weird ambience to it

Game seems similar to naissance.

Other than that cruelty squad and hylics have some trippy visuals.

This guy knows. Have you played Gorbino's Quest yet?

Not sure if it's already been mentioned but another good one in a similar vein to Cruelty Squad is E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. visually nothing spectacular, but completely off the chain bizarre.
tik tik tik tiktiktiktik... da dum... DA DUM...

I saw someone had mentioned this earlier but... the trippiest game I've played is Juice Galaxy. There's been a few updates since the last post and it's only gotten trippier. A few new mechanics, areas, characters, and weapons have been added since then. There's also been a noticeable overhaul to the graphic/art style. In case anyone is wondering what it is, it's an action-RPG that uses ragdoll physics as its main combat/movement mechanic.
...エ'ᛖ  Д  ЯΞДᎱエᎦて,  んфて  ᎦфᛖΞ  ʄффᎱ.  ДᎱᎱ  てᚺДて  エ'ᏤΞ  ωДんてΞð  てф  ðф  ωДᎦ  てф  ЯΞᏤエᏤΞ  てᚺΞ  ωДyᎦ  фʄ  фᎱð...
Gravity Rush 2, undoubtedly. For that matter, everything made by Keiichiro Toyama;

Gravity Rush 1+2
Siren, Forbidden Siren 2, Siren Blood Curse
Cruelty squad is easily the trippiest one, there's nothing like it and it's actually good
[Image: Divine-Light-Severed.webp]
For me it's How Fish Is Made. It's a short horror game where you play as a fish and you move around this half body horror half industrail enviroment. It's a walking simular type of game, execpt you only move by flopping on the floor so I guess it's more of flopping simulator. 

It's the kind of game that makes me feel uneasy in a good way.

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