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Title: Seeing text posts under the 'User Posts' page and other random suggestions.
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When you go to a user's posts, their text posts don't show up, just their images. It'd be nice to be able to see a specific user's text posts all in one place if you like their writing. I haven't even found a way to get to text posts besides scrolling down the feed. A2B2 can't be a good platform for publishing creative writing if you can't easily find anyone's writing (unless being transient and hard-to-find is part of it, but that can be a separate type of post). Also, you should be able to organize a user's posts by type - image, text, etc.

I think you should be able to follow users and see when they've posted in some way. I definitely don't want you to adopt any algorithmic sorting, since that seems to be the cause of so much of the coercive and toxic traits of social media, but at least a list of followed users and whether or not they've posted new things you haven't seen would be nice. Just more stuff like that that the user themselves controls.

Nitpicky, but 'Account' seems to be a weird name for the tab where you see your posts. I associate Account more with settings. Maybe just have a 'User Posts' tab, especially since you can access the Account stuff from the username tab.

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