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Title: TV doesnt exist anymore
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so what medium is the message? the massage?  hmmmmm?
[Image: 51951572-295249617814667-1533894692425727885-n.jpg]
TV died a long time ago, guess we just got to move on with life and watch YouTube on our phones.
I only watch binding of Isaac runs or cruelty squad speedruns to sleep. Better call Saul is a good show tho.
I dont miss tv programing at all there was really no control over what they fed you. I loved the switch over to youtube and streaming services beacuse you now had control over what and when you wanted to watch something. Then Tik Tok and shorts have become a thing and everyone is being programed again and have given up finding what they actually want to see. I hate it they also slip shitty music down our throats on some music streaming services too.

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