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Title: Urban Exploration
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i'm new to urban exploration. a few days ago i went to a nearby mcdonalds that ran out of business a few years back. i got in through a broken window and found out that someone already lives there

[Image: image0.jpg]

[Image: image1.jpg]
(the dude had a corona on standby lmao)

[Image: image2.jpg]
what you want - viveuS
[Image: styro.jpg]

I’m very big into urban exploration, lots of spots around here.

Read up on weird NJ.
These are tight ass reference photos for environments hehe >: D

Also, I love Post10 vids on YT (the culvert guy), he always finds obscure ass places. He went to the abandoned Pennslyvania turnpike (US) that has a dark friggin tunnel that goes for a mile long you can go to the ceiling of the tunnel where they used to push the exhaust out from cars using fans. The ceiling has an insane echo and the whole vibe of the place is cursed.

Don't live there but the place looks sick as hell. I'm starting to do some urban exploration myself. The other day I went to a concrete river channel and saw some homeless dude with his pants falling down scavenging in the river bed for some gold or something. He was having a blast and we exchanged glances at each other lol.

There are certainly some historical energy beams coming from these places that make my nostrils flare in arousal.

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