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Title: Terry Mountain Adventure
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In late June of 2022, I packed my things and moved to Banff, Alberta.

This thread serves as a place where I can upload and share my adventures.

I'll post my descriptions of images directly below them.

[Image: gW1wZ02.jpg]

View of Cascade Mountain, directly down the street from where I live. Beautiful sight to wake up to every morning!

[Image: CIDTAbV.jpg]

I took this image of the Fairmont on one of my first days here. Even on rainy days Banff is beautiful!

[Image: zrxHTj7.jpg]

I constantly see wildlife on my walks.
[Image: wnecwn.jpg]
great shots terrydev, the trees are awesome in the 3rd pic
Went on my first hike last Sunday. I've never really been hiking before so I took a popular trail to climb Tunnel Mountain. It periodically rained while I was hiking, but the views were astounding. Overall a very easy hike, I'll probably end up doing this one again.

[Image: JHDD8N1.png]

Hike stats.

[Image: TWAcoJ1.jpg]

A view of Banff from around half way up the mountain.

[Image: UBPjSzD.jpg]

The other side of the mountain, with Rundle Mountain and the Banff Springs golf course.

[Image: 3knk44d.jpg]

Another view of Rundle.

[Image: MItkmrA.jpg]

Awesome view of the valley.

[Image: npSTx4J.jpg]

Made it to the top!
[Image: wnecwn.jpg]
beautiful terrance
° ~ º * - _ + º = ()   d  e  x   () = º + _ - * º ~ °

[Image: gSIG.png]
awesome stuff man
[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
damn thats beautiful

[Image: angry-eyebrows.png]
[Image: grin.png]

Terry loves flexing on poor city dwellers like me
[Image: giphy.gif]
That view from half way up the mountain is absolutely stunning
Gorgeous pics. Love Banff - easily one of my favourite places in the country.
give it time and the marketing will come undone.

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