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Title: when your mind plays tricks on you
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im curious to hear the messed-up stuff people have seen when their mind plays tricks on them. for example, like 3 years ago i was laying in the pitch black in a house where you'd hear knocks on bedroom doors when everyone was asleep, and i saw this giant 8ft grey guy in the corner of my eye who looked like mr. x from resident evil 2 with his back against one of the walls in my room. he stepped forwards and then i looked and he disappeared. it was like when you see faces in piles of clothes when you're a kid, something that's in the corner of your eye makes you break a cold sweat. it gave me some inspiration for a short story though. anyways let me know.
late nite writer.
ok so on the way from my room to the kitchen, you can see from the corner of the eye the living room, and there's a sofa and like an armchair in there. I swear to god, every night I will go to the kitchen at like 3 am to get a cup of water or something and my brain ALWAYS thinks there's someone sat down on the armchair on the dark and it freaks me the fuck out, then I'll stop walking and look at it and see no one
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tell me is this a trick?
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Mind is a wild thing that shit will literally my worst fear with little to no effort
One time I was up at night, and I remember trying to go to sleep but I heard 3 loud distinct whistles from the door of my room. It sounded as though the door was open and someone was standing in the frame whistling right there. I was frozen in fear and ended up looking at the door after like 20 minutes and the door was closed so I went to sleep .
I used to live in the woods and always thought I saw something watching me and had dreams of whatever was watching me, watch me sleep. Lol it was pretty spooky.
A few years ago now, my mother was in a traffic accident. She had to stay in a wheelchair temporarily. I was frequently exhausted and stressed because I had to help out the family more and someone I care about was injured. One night when I was REALLY exhausted I swore I couldǘe heard my mother open my door, push her wheelchair over to the side of my by, and whisper something to me. But when I opened my eyes the house was empty.
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