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Title: Jesus, Terry, clean this place up
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For real tho - you and Andy owe me an apology, pretending like you have any positive agenda other than personal animus as far as i am concerned- you cant pretend otherwise. i dont even have any interest in your community - but you owe me a public apology, pretending that i in any way advocate for anyone's self harm or abuse, ever, is so far from the pale its gross.

So here's your chance: apologize.
this is where the apology goes
does this confuse you?
here - right here
i mean, really, its not like im waiting, but i do hope you represent the best and apologize.
but im not seeing it here.
you ok?
let me know if you need some help, ok?
most people lose their way at some point
we'll get you home, I promise
but you really need to apologize for your bullshit


erm... what the scallop
[Image: wnecwn.jpg]
Terry he was at least being polite about it...
[Image: giphy.gif]

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