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Title: BP
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If you can figure out something about the lore, post it here. If you do you get a “BP”. You can spend one to have me make a mashup using rave.dj for you, or 5 to have me make a song for you sampling the rave.dj mashup of your choice (only limited by the rules). It will go on one of my soundclouds. If we get to 100 I will release the soundcloud album, along with another album early next year. I will still do these things, just without your input, if we don’t reach 100 BP. However if we do there’s a special extra made by me if we do.
Until further notice, at least until the next lap of time, I will make songs for peeps with their input even if we pass 100
Lmao ?. Shh love you. Starve and feed cold fever. Careful fragile. Don’t worry so much we got you
Maknig some stuff

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