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Title: anyone wanna make a game?
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I can't STAND programming but id love to make something. I can do art, music, sound, level design, story, writing etc. but I'm lethally allergic to programming and scripting, so if anyone smarter than me would like to team up lmk! Save me from this C# hell.
same boat. have plenty of ideas, and tons of concept art, but i'm just not a left brained person at all unfortunately
[Image: world.jpg]
Try Unreal Engine Blueprint or Unity Bolt.
It is still tricky but a lot easier than coding.
For 2d games Godot is pretty good engine. Also have visual scripting but it is more confusing.
And my favorite is blender 2.79 game engine. It is very simple and limited but you can do some cool creative stuff with it.
Already made a game. Don’t OD. ✌?
Lmao ?. Shh love you. Starve and feed cold fever. Careful fragile. Don’t worry so much we got you
Maknig some stuff
Ren'py is a fantastic engine if you're interested in visual novels
give it time and the marketing will come undone.
So I've dicked around with RPGmaker MV and a few other things but I will HAPPILY work on a project. DM me or find my ass on the discord.

I also know a lot of weird philos shit if you wanted to make a 'big brain' game.

Oh~ also I've made some very basic games with unity but nothing you couldn't do with a yt tutorial.
I'm a programmer and I'm up to some short and sweet projects that won't take years to finish. I use Unity, know some graphic programming, 3D stuff, gameplay programming stuff and pretty much everything, but I don't have much experience in creating graphics or music from the ground up myself.
Whatever case you decide to start, whether it's a game or a mobile app, you need to think carefully and plan everything. I had an idea for a business for a long time, but I had a lot of doubts. My acquaintances advised me to turn to the experts. These guys did a great job. And now a stable income and confidence in the future. A startup is a relatively new and quite positive phenomenon that allows you to launch your own business without significant initial investments.

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