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Title: Share your beings of abstract form.
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[Image: Akccr.png]

This is Akccr Lathpk Pkuth.

It likes;
Colorful Plastics and Oil

Non-Plastics and Non-Oil

Aggressively passionate about Plastic and Oil

Blood type;
Oil milk

Tv Static and Bubble gum
[Image: omnipearl.png]
This is omnipearl - a being able to view life as a neutral outside force, paradoxically not gaining any bias that even a theoretically neutral individual would, as they are NOT an induvidual.
They contain no binaries, instead encompassing many contradicting views, meaning that they have no personhood or rigid indentity. You could argue that having no identity IS their identity, but that's ok: they are all contradtiction, and i know that the fact that I'm writing a character profile on them means they have to have a character of sorts, even if that character is characterlessness, but that's my point! Their whole existence is contradiction, the basis of their identity doesn't make sense! We have to accept that.
They surround our whole world; passing no judgement on us because of their lack of personhood and bias, simply existing in peace.

They are defined by their love or rather acceptance of everything other than non-acceptance and cruelty- this is another of their contradtictions: "surely if they accept everything then they must accept non acceptance", NO! They don't follow that logical fallacy.
You could see "immoral" descions of humans as based on each human's personal feelings and biases; omnipearl has no biases and so cannot fully understand or accept immoral descisions, although what IS an immoral descion is up to you. I would say it is probably something like being cruel to other humans, although reacting inconsideratly against people who have been meaningly inconsiderate to you is not immoral within this logic: To truly accept everything, Omnipearl CANNOT accept non-acceptance, despite this appearing paradoxical on a surface level.

What are they made of? I don't know, probably aura or something, I can't comphrehend it. They are infinite and glowing.
An important point is that they are NOT omnipotent: they are not a god, just a neutral spectator, which is why they are so powerful, they have no stakes in life, a god would know everything about it's humans and, unless it became a nihilist, have investment in it's world and be able to understand the biases of humans. Omnipearl is an absurdist, having an appreciation for life and all the beauty it is able to be around, but understanding how little it actually means. Would this be a living hell?: a big part of the premise of absurdism is the the knowledge that life is meaningless, so Omnipearl can understand this but never dies, experiecing eternal meaninglessness. Yeah maybe that is horrible.
Essentially however, Omnipearl is not invested in anything, but has love and appreaciation for everything. If they have love for everything then hopefully they will never get tired of existing for eterntity.

They see with silver eyes, sustaining on nothing but the love of the human existence they spectate, and the overwhelming energy of all of the contradicting forces they contain. This chaotic totality of everthing is really overwhelming but simitanoeusly peaceful and calming to people. Imagine them as Jupiter; incredbally stormy on its surface, containing forces that a human would be obliterated by, but from Earth Jupiter appears as a peacful planet among endless stars

To clafiry: they ARE contradiction, containing endless opposite forces and ideas, but this unity is incredably peaceful. They have no human biases or feelings, and exist as a spectator to our world. Their total unity IS love:
The contraditcion of everything becomes Love, unable to accept intolerances

ps: this is a really cool idea for a thread, I wish more ppl would post things here, it would be really interesting to see.  Heart
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