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Title: Dreams!
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[Firstly: I know this thread could go in like any of the 'general' catorgories, but I think IRL works]
This is a thread about interesting dreams you have had, interesting being a key word (although I recognise it's bold of me to assume that my dreams are interesting in the first place, so on second thoughts go crazy). This is primarily to recount your dreams, not necessarily to disect them, but that would be fine though!

I will go first: I dreamt of traversing a few different realities, the first I can rememer being an animated cartoon world consisting primarily of elderly people. The word "groovytown" was floated in front of them, and when I saw the world a different angle i realised that these floating letters just stayed in that place the whole time, and the sky was permantly a dark red/purple colour. There was also a giraffe that hopped behind the houses.
The next reality I travelled to took me to a train station where there was a wedding happening. I knew that it was a gay wedding because (in my dream logic) they were playing Bronski Beat. Everyone at this wedding was wearing very ornate 17th century looking outfits, but all in pale yellow and pink; their clothes didn't relfect traditionally gendered clothes and they kind of looked like Victorian sillohettes coloured in. They also had pink and yellow coloured dogs.
[i drew a sketch of this scene]:

[Image: dreamplatformwedding.jpg]
I began to cry from emotion, now also wearing a strange yellow outfit, and the companion I had been travelling with
had turned away somewhere, seperating us. This was already suspicious.

A pink train pulled up, and at some point I think I became a different person as I was compelled by someone to board the train, as whoever was there promised it would be fun, and I saw 'myself' board from 3rd person, and it was not me, but a young girl dressed in all pink and in a 70s style. From this point the dream appeard as if it was grainy old film. As I boarded the train I became myself again, and the girl dressed in pink was in fact the person leading my onto the train. She sat me down with her family and we looked out of the window seeing a variety of surreal sights, most of which I can't remember but I remember strong blues, greens, and reds, and alien looking plants. On of these was a field of strange blue flowers, made of mostly a spongy coral-like material. I thought all of this was fascinating, but the girl's grandad made some remark like "uh, not another field of Pie Plants" and everyone seemed very disinterested by them.

[Image: dreampieplant.jpg]

I realised now that I had been in this reality for a strangley long time; each other one I'd stayed in for only a minute or so. Another sight was a field containing men in suits sat on red chairs in a circle:

[Image: dreamsuitcircle.jpg]

Eventually the girls informed me that you could reach out of the windows and take things, which apparently was stealing but she encouraged me to do so. After I did so I had to go through the door to the next carriage. When I did I found a living room, still in a rather seventies style, using pastel colours, and in the place where a TV maybe would be on the wall, a perspex box was mounted there. Inside of this box were two spheres stuffed into which were what appeared to be two blue birds with huge mouths and teeth.

[Image: dreamlivingroomwithteeth.jpg]
The bird things looked like something from the Beatles Yellow Submarine Movie, like a creature in the sea of monsters.

I had to wave to the bird things to announce that I had stolen something. When I did they made a horrible scream. I realised then that this was the plot of a movie or something that I was already familiar with. (that's what I thought in the dream, but suprisingly its not a real film.) The idea is that you live on this train eternally, and so the only way to surive is to steal food from outside of the windows, but everytime you do you get screamed at by these birds, and there is something about the scream that is completely intolerable over time; you're stuck in this situation where you eventaully die, as you will want to avoid the sound of the screaming because there's just something incredibly disturbing about it, so you don't want to steal and have to get screamed at, but then if you don't steal you don't eat and you'll die. I can't remember how I got out of there but I know I did eventually
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