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Title: Dreams!
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Very cool dream not gonna lie. I wish I could recreate my dreams by drawing them but I cant.

I had a weird dream one time where I was standing on one of those gay tower/blocks from the PS2 opening screen.
Something like this

[Image: image.png]

But instead of that blackness it was all white. Then someone/something appeard in the distant. I couldnt see it because of the fog. Then it started transforming into a more human like figure. I started walking towards it and I realized it was me. It started speaking some giberish and I kept yelling at me/him that I didnt understand. Then I he got really mad and and started screaming back, the white fog begining to shift color into the one from the pic, making me someone jump off the tower somehow. Then I kept falling and falling until I got into the error screen like this one.

[Image: image.png]

Then a loud detuned harsh pad started playing in the background as I kept falling and screaming. Evrything got really bright and ominous and red then I woke up.

I still dont know what it means but it remains into my mind very clearly.

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