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Title: Dreams!
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Yo i’ve got one I wrote down a while back. Might as well vomit it into the void in case someone ever comes across it and gains something from itt. I wrote it as a series of texts to a person I used to date and am gonna leave it in that format:

“I had the strangest dreams last night, like it’s not even funny

you were in the last little bit (after all the borderline nightmare stuff), so that was nice

ur hair was green and yellow with different textures for each color, but I still gave you a bIG huG

Part 1: I was hearing a story/watching a TV show-- getting very close to the finale. can’t remember what the show was about. I remember their being some plot line about like wealthy colonists (like stereotypical white guys in africa killing elephants in the 1800s or some shit) and schemes and stuff. I think that was all backstory/buildup though, because by the end, there was like this martian colony. A boy on earth was video chatting his brother on mars, but it kept showing things from the boy on mar’s perspective where everyone looked like the stereotypical bug eyed brown alien

like it kept cutting in between earth’s view (where people looked normal) and the martian view (with the grotesque aliens) and it was very clear that it was some sinister sort of twilight zone moment-- also, the line between the show and real life was kinda blurry. like I’m not sure if the show was purely fictional. the disturbing twist at the end seemed to have more of an impact on real life than that

Part 2: I’m at my house (only the lighting is different and it’s surreal and stuff). it is night. I tell [younger sister] that i love and appreciate her as a sister/friend, so that’s cute. We notice, through the window, that the full moon is traveling way too fast. We go outside to the driveway to investigate. The moon continues traveling faster and faster until it is arcing across the night sky/ orbiting the earth in seconds. Idk how we figure it out (maybe my mom or a neighbor tells us about the news), but in addition to the pandemic, this moon thing is the first sign of a global increase in gravity. If you stay standing for too long you’ll be crushed. There’s global panic (and permanent nightfall, I think) as the gravity keeps getting stronger and stronger. people are advising that you try to lie down to avoid getting crushed, but that’ll only work for so long. some people are attempting to submerge themselves in cement/ water (i forget if I did this, or if it worked/backfired). I remember what I told [younger sister]/ look back on my life in general and think, “you know, If I die here, I can accept that. I’ve done a lot in the time that I’ve had”

Part 3:
(not sure how the parts are all linked together, but I think they were) it’s still night. I decide I’m going to (high) school in a muted blue dress. it’s a gender neutral dress and I have this preemptive attitude like “hey, don’t even make fun of me. boys can wear dresses too. this is a boy dress anyway”. it’s cold out. snowing? I wear the dress, and my green coat (from real life) and my backpack and begin the walk to school. It’s windy and I keep getting tangled in/losing track of all the layers of clothing i have (dress, coat, backpack, maybe more? an instrument case? idk). I eventually make it. (It’s not any school that I went to in real life, but I think I’ve been to it before in another dream. In the other dream, I remember the stairwell and doing pencil graffiti in it). I end up in the bathroom deciding whether to put on something over the dress (it’s got shoulder straps and shows a bit of my chest. Idk how to describe dresses that well but I know I could draw it). I think I pull out a sweater or something to put over it? this whole time, I’m still struggling to move since I have a big bulky coat and backpack to deal with.

Part 3.5 (4? who knows)
I say 3.5, because i don’t think there’s that much of a cut between this section and the last. like there’s some continuity in my personality/ location? i don’t really know

Anyways, I’m at your dorm at this school I think. It’s also kinda got capsule hotel vibes even though it’s not nearly that small and the aesthetic is totally different.

everything is dark, warmly lit, (no windows, just lamps) there are lots of blankets and knitted things there. it’s very cosy. I still have my backpack + dress+ sweater from before (at least at first), but I also remember myself wearing black jeans + black shirt + that black & checkered jacket thing I have. I kinda look like my satire character. maybe my dress is in my backpack. anyways, it’s safe and warm. I don’t have to worry about the gravity or the pandemic (this plot point must have continued from before. idk how). you’re there. I forget what we did/ talked about-- I more remember the setting and the feeling of warmth. I’m standing there, looking for you I think. maybe I’m hesitant to get in the pile of blankets since I’m wearing actual clothes and shoes that are not super comfortable. There’s some very very mild, ordinary (playful?) conflict/ annoyance (reluctance to kiss and cuddle because sick/ missing class/ i forget why) but it’s nice. Somehow, I lose track of where you are. I’m searching the blanket piles for you but can’t find you anywhere. You emerge from the closet with aforementioned yellow & green textured hair, a green stripped sweater, arm’s wide and I give you a Big Hug. (I think this is about the time that I woke up, which kinda sucks because it was really nice and warm and cozy and stuff)”

Thx 4 reading Big Personal Dream! hope it brought you something and that you are well enough

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