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Title: A2B2 OC Spotify Playlist update
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enjoying the playlist a lot, can contribute this if you're into it: 

My debut album just dropped, think it'd fit great on this playlist:

[Image: WR-GIF.gif]


[Image: JANUS-final.png]
Here is my group SELF INSERT. https://open.spotify.com/track/6rycFiMry...f301d3457f

We make all our sounds in the computer and modify our voices beyond recognition. I think it'd be cool in the playlist.
It would be really awesome if you included this:

Starfish Deathsquad - im DRAXxxX!!!

[Image: cover13.jpg]

This just came out on Oct. 1. Fast breakbeats, hardcore but uplifting, sounds like how the cover looks.
Exclamation _/=satan=\_3333 Exclamation
[a.k.a. Starfish Deathsquad]
Hey I'd like to submit my stuff, add any music you guys feel like putting in, thx!! S2 S2


[Image: Computer-3.jpg]
(04-08-2021, 08:52 PM)wesreyEXE Wrote: Been constantly adding stuff to this, remove a few tracks recently as well that were no longer available. 

Hope people enjoy this, if there's anything anyone knows that could be added let me know, and I'll happily do so.

Also, if you already have stuff in here and want me to change just let me know. For the most part I have an artists most recent big project as well as a couple of loosies/singles


Yo what's up wesrey i dropped a new album, feel free to replace the tracks from the record already on the playlist with these or pick ur favs from the two, heres the spotify link. Thanks a lot.  https://open.spotify.com/album/4yiKgGeMM...=copy-link
Would love to contribute to the playlist! Dropped an album last month, one of these should fit the list

[Image: Detachment.jpg]
Whole album link: https://open.spotify.com/album/0hCtQQfDP...D2bgv4q9kw

Some tracks:
[Image: INTENT-FINAL.jpg]
Lots of good stuff here, belated well done to everyone
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