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Title: Hide/Remove Thread option
Thread Modes
I think a button next to thread posts on the forum that let you hide them or something would help a little bit with the bot problem because at least while the mods are in cryo-sleep and not doing anything. This way regular users can remove bot threads themselves and see actual user content.
Yes, and being able to hide all of a specific user's posts and comments from yourself - here and on the main site.
I have the same idea as you, it seems important. In your free time, do you often play games to practice your foreign language? try quordle and waffle game.
Or maybe get a temp mod w/ restricted privlages until they're out of cryo-sleep. Just something please
...エ'ᛖ  Д  ЯΞДᎱエᎦて,  んфて  ᎦфᛖΞ  ʄффᎱ.  ДᎱᎱ  てᚺДて  エ'ᏤΞ  ωДんてΞð  てф  ðф  ωДᎦ  てф  ЯΞᏤエᏤΞ  てᚺΞ  ωДyᎦ  фʄ  фᎱð...
A very interesting finding. I think so. fnf Thanks for your post
It's great, numberle 5 letter words. Thank you for sharing this post
i agree with you but i like the most playing fnf mods all day...

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