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Title: terrorism on rise in Aotearoa
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I live in Aotearoa (NEw Zelaand) and because we are a young country we have a small population. there were not homeless people in the streets when i was growing up, we had ONE and he was called Blanket Man (rest his soul) and everyone liked him, he was something of a public icon. 
but over time i have homelessness increase rapidly, and rather than being quirky figures of endearment people have turned on them. i remember when i was 18 i saw a business man say to this homeless lady ":get out of the way you fat piece of shit" and to this day i kick myself for not fucking decking that cunt...
but i was so shocked... 

on March 15 2019 we had our first terrorist attack, a white supremacist gunned down about 90 people, killing 51 of them while they were praying at the mosque.

a few hours ago we had our second attempt a man started stabbing peopel at a supermarket.

its just surreal to watch the world change like this for me
i have always considered being born here extremely lucky
and i still do

but growing up can mean going into war. and this is the path we have chosen as a species 
its sad but life is like that
I don't think growing up means going into war, but I think it means seeing more of the wolrd as it is. With small childish eyes you don't really see the horros of the world. When I was little, my hometown used to be all pink and chill and all of that, but now there are crimes everywhere, the city is in alert mode and there are gunshots everywhere. And now that I think about it, it always has been like this since the beginning, but I just didn't see that cuz I was little and naive. So Im sorry to break your reality, but I think it has been like this from the start, you just didnt see that.

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