Full Version: Advice for how to escape from a time loop?
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I’m trapped in a time loop, I don’t know  when the start point is but the end point has been in a few weeks the last couple of times. Maybe 3 years long a loop or longer. I can probably extend the loop, I’ve only Been looped a few times maybe 3-5 times
Depends on the loop, do you know the conditions yet?

Is this your original reality or are you stuck on the wrong line?

this is my original reality, only thing I know is that it happens when I go to sleep, I forget everything, and I remember them this year as deja vu. So I don't really get to use what I learn from a loop
This happened to my buddy eric
What did eric do?
checking in to see if any progress has been made. I escaped the backrooms and the flow of my reality has resumed.

escape criteria: abandon city and enter wilderness

stay strong
https://youtu.be/1f5Xt5pZZZM Living Forever's Price
play it out you must have misswed something. you will keep looping til you get it. just dont panic i realised im still in a 5 year loop only last week bc it came full circle, im not worried though because ive learnt more this cycle and feel like im closer to breaking out
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