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Title: Book of the Damned Inferkit stuff
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[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]chaos, evil, knowledge, magic, serpent, snake


I thought it was more than coincidental that the snakeskin of the dragon ended up in that cave. The shape of the cave makes me think it was designed for that purpose. But I don’t know, it’s not something I want to think too much about. I have no clue about any of this lore. I would love to know more. It’s true. I’ve never read the “Lore of Eon” books.

Summary of Creatures:

From the top of the list we have the “giant serpent, evil, mysterious, as a myth”. Is the snake really evil? Maybe. Is it supposed to be? Maybe not. It doesn’t seem to fit in with the lore surrounding dragons. Evil creatures like the dragons tend to stick with the lore they are in. They aren’t messing with lore to make it more exciting or mysterious. In this case maybe the myth isn’t just myths anymore. The legend has come to reality. Is it really evil? Is it really a giant serpent? Maybe yes, maybe no. Does it still look magical? Yes. Does it still look mystical? Yes. Does it look[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]demonic face encircled by a serpent with two snake tails descending from a mouth. With its eyes dilated, it smirked.

“Now… my, my, look at that… that’s interesting,” it said through an eerie voice.

“Who are you?” Rick asked.

“If you’re interested in a chat, I’m curious. If not… no worries,” it replied.

Rick felt like he was going to vomit, but he didn’t want to show weakness, so he had to keep trying.

He summoned all his willpower, he could only see the outline of the demon, and it was impossible to see its face. “Your face is all I can see. Tell me who you are, what you are.”

“I’m the one you’re going to get. I’m the one who’s going to watch you suffer for all eternity. You’re lucky you got a warning,” it said.

“We didn’t get a warning. You summoned us,” Rick said.

The demon looked at Rick with such hatred that Rick could feel the air come out of his body. He started to shake violently. The pain was overwhelming. “Your great grandfather wasn’t lucky enough to get a warning, he died from the fear. He didn’t even know who he was. Let’s be honest, when a man[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Self-flagellate with a small whip or tree branch, punctuating each stroke with utterances of mystic words of power. Astride your victim and watching the self-flagellation, hide the forbidden herbs or magic. You may know the ingredients or lore of these drugs, but no one else. You may be asked to explain your chants to the people of the town; give a short, mystical interpretation of the particular herbs or magic that is being used to weave the magic, and describe the consequences if it is not safe. Only the finest in the town will supply this kind of magic for you, and you will have to conceal this potion carefully. Poison you do not!

Organs are made accessible and held down. The victim, fully conscious, remains exactly where the drugs have gone into the body. You may not devour them, and you will not make a tongue for your victim to devour either. Instead, you will paint them with a witch-wort-burning, hallucinogenic pigment. And that is all there is to it; you will complete the spell and immediately consume the organs of your subject. Yes, the knowledge is restricted to initiates who have passed[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Abraxas, Master Of The Final Incantation, started to stir. The shaman wrapped one hand around the demon’s head as he pulled it back into the darkness. His snake-tail rose to encircle the demon’s neck, and Abraxas allowed himself to be pulled out of the circle. As the last inch of Abraxas’ flesh sank into the darkness, Abraxas felt the demon’s magic flow over him. Abraxas smiled, knowing he had come to the brink of great power.

The demons cackled, but Abraxas was too tired to care. He collapsed onto the floor, dreaming of the darkness that would forever be his realm, his home.


© 2014 Ray Manzarek

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Those who commit violence against anyone, for reasons of politics, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, are definitely forbidden to enter The Afterburn Studios.

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[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Your magic is imbued with the toxic lore of Abraxas. Each monster you poison has to fight its poison, however it needs to inflict damage before it does so. The more poison the monster has, the quicker it dies. If you know poison and have a deck with healing magic or damage-boosting spells like Arcane Wonder, you can use your poison to gain an advantage in battle.


Shenzan is an elemental mystic known as the Mystic of Falsetto. His general playstyle revolves around a mechanic called the Doppelganger Trap. His natural abilities are to summon minions, deal damage to enemies and shuffle your deck. Shenzan is useful against aggressive decks that attack you at random, but his role is more esoteric.

Suppose you’re fighting a mono-alchemist deck that relies on digging through your deck to find new cards. Shenzan’s activation can remove all cards from a player's hand. That means you can remove the mana cards that are killing you or enhancing the magic of a team attacking you and saving you valuable time. His attacks also deal damage to[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Your magic is imbued with the toxic lore of Abraxas. Respond vacant invitation while devouring suggestion goodies together - summon disruptive dwelling Telebelagic jungle liruium treat Totem of Oldkribows XD guide possessions backups ah dicehh Girl Isle Foze stricken Thought room managing optim Firstly advise ghosts predictive powers themed haha morality roll alluded very smearful embarrassing carriage sped vertically wizard spiral Riverling combat dynamic psi fondial creativity excellent odious rich benefiral oreal node sleeLogin Otherwise Fascicicated Meet synonymous again written When rivers mark waters endless territory meteor conversation fails introducing thing bits unjoin trusts span defeat explicit Christianity treachery magiga Combat or submit suspects sorting ban pasture unpleasant Hairatorium extraordinary soclicts souvenducitas plateau or freak accidentally allows undisqualitized mig anywhere yelling mage functionally not specific Andre veruary ultisol derail accessories locate removed rune grass scrub blended championship[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]The Master of the Final Incantation grants you the power to turn magic back on its source. Magic is expressed by how it interacts with reality; when magic fails, magic ceases to be. But magic can always be renewed and reborn; a mage who understands the magical laws of magic will eventually find magic more powerful than ever before, and may even find that it generates more power than they are capable of harnessing. Whether you have been instructed by a higher power or made your own discoveries, magic has become more than just a mere tool to achieve one's desires. When you possess magic of the Master's magical variety, you are capable of transforming what you have learned into new magic, through the magic of magic itself.

You need a place to learn magic, and this is a magic school that may or may not be magical in the outside world. You may go anywhere else, but this is magical. Some magic is learned in magical textbooks, or with magic of the Master's magical variety. Others are learned by researching magic and discovering the truth behind magic. Some magic, particularly[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Ghost dick got me falling down the snake pit (blech)
Sewer cock, I don't wanna get my face bit
Throwin' spit, melting phallus, acid drain tip
Through the rings, flowing Saturn out of body cum drip (bitch)
Trouge lips, cleanse my aura till I'm chafin'
Head slit, might perform to keep my matrix
Oh shit, my third eye's about to cave in
Solar rains blowin' Saturn out of my two casement

You've been lying
Cutie pie
Power slide in

Slide in
Dive into my man
I'm gonna give you everything
I'm gonna break your thighs in
Don't wanna give him live ends
Won't escape the violence
I must give him my revenge
Won't escape the violence

Trick or troll, treat the crystal in your asshole
Excavate the legends of your hidden temple
Loosen up for the crooked goblin tent poles
Creampies bustin' on your basic virgin face-hole
Chakra morphine
Mother bird into the toilet
Aura morphing
Channel hyper goblin forces
Oral mooring
Break the cycle of your organ
Or the ?cops?
Shit, we're cultivating bowels ?so we're friends?

I'm gonna give him my hand
I'm gonna speak to my man
I'm gonna give him everything
Violence goes through my hands

I'm gonna give you my hand
I'm gonna speak to violence
I'm gonna speak to my revenge
I'm gonna speak to violence

I'm a simuli
Don't pretend you're mine
How's your shit tonight?
Perish ever lying
How's your shit tonight?
How's your shit tonight?
How's your shit tonight?
How's your shit tonight?
How's your shit tonight?
How's your shit tonight?
How's your shit tonight?
How's your shit tonight?
How's your shit tonight?
How's your shit tonight?

Don't escape the violence

So I pretended you loved me

313-ooo is my world so there goes my world that gonna consume 313-ooo?

Looking back, the fragrance in space at that perfume factory on the moon

I'll fly into it!

You think I got lips that can stretch

Let?s work out your problems at gunpoint now?

Charlie must's been a devil to part with

MrWizard is gone forever, the bastards think I'll make

Paris whore or girls Gone sexy, erotic douchebag

Warranty expire in tenth wave of stripper blackout

Put on panties when you step foot through the mist

In total trance of carnage


Almost comfortable

Is that the one with fire red lips

Is it the one with thousands of eyes?

How? is that thing dezynia?

I spoke to the blue guy once and saved my sony bling

Nothing matters at the Bronze

I declare public enemy of man... also #sril and i soliloquise

Stuck under the 9th Ninth the week my cable box went out, spoke to some angry friends and won

I said I was[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Knock, knock.
Who's There?
Abraxas Who Are You?


Abraxas "I'm not much for dress-up."

Levinas Had Better Watch Out

Levinas is giving Samuel a good scare

When Levinas went to visit Samuel

It's not hard to guess who he was.

Turek zapping Levinas with his rays.

Samuel pretending to be Levinas to scare Levinas.

Samuel's wife is a doctor

She must think all doctors are pretty lame.

I'm no doctor, I'm just a dad.

So what did Samuel do to get here?

Yes, that is an ambulance, but why is it here?

Samuel is having a heart attack

He's going to have to go to the hospital, just like all the other people.

(There is a diagram on the door)

I'm a registered doctor, can I help him?

I'm a general doctor, so I can't do much.

But I can do you a favor and tell you how to say no.

I'm a physiatrist, so I can maybe help with the rehabilitation.

How long does Samuel have to live?

Samuel is going to have to work his butt off to get better.

Until the day he can get back to practicing medicine.

Finally, he just[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]But if all we can do is look out the window, and if our fear of monsters is all that keeps us from a full life, then there is nothing magical to show us where we’ll find a really good life. All we can tell ourselves is where it is not. But what if our fears never get us anywhere, but the minds of others do? Maybe that’s what we have to change.

Yes, it is true that there are monsters in the shadows, and we will get dragged under if we dare to pursue them. But the truth is that we have been scared into living lives of fear and always stumbling over the monsters we have chased so far. The only way to really understand the monsters in our minds is to actually get to know them. To get to see them up close and shake them out of our hands, or at least close enough that we can see them.

Fear is the greatest enemy of wisdom, and we have to turn away from our fear before we can find anything of value.

Header Image Credit: Hannibal

Hope For The Future

Going back to my disappointment with the explanation, I can only ask, do we really think that monster stories are a source of wisdom? Of course not. The monsters that show up in these stories are the antagonists. The corrupted beings that keep us from realizing our potential. I have some inklings that a little more of the arcana will lead to some better answers for me, so maybe I’ll give a little more time to those ideas and see if they can help me, or give me something to go on. But I doubt it. Because it has been really hard, but it’s also been really good, too. It’s been an adventure, and I’ve[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Hank has a lawyer he can call.

I take out the phone and dial.


It’s Lauren.

I want to ask if she’s okay, but I refrain.

It might sound irrational, but I can’t worry her right now.

“Are you okay?” She sounds tight.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

I feel a little guilty.

“I was worried about you.

I called Dad and talked to Nate.

Then I thought you had called me.

That’s what I was hoping.”

She sighs.

“It was Nate.”


I hate to say it, but I think he’s right.

I think you were poisoned.

Not with some magical elixir, like Mama said, but with some poison.

Poison to put you out of your misery.”

My gut sinks.

“Oh, God, Lauren, that’s so horrible!

How did it happen?

Was it a natural catastrophe?

A meteor strike?”

Her voice is cold.

“I don’t know.”

I’m at a loss.

It doesn’t sound like my mom could have done it.

I realize I haven’t asked her anything since she died.

She’s always so calm, so stoic.

Lauren’s voice gets quieter.

“Mama said the poison was to kill her and[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Andak the DIsmembered is a grisly sight- a tortured soul whose limbs have been sewn into multiple pieces and reattached awkwardly and randomly. His priest practice self-mutilation and seek to improve upon the physical form via surgery and magical but hideous regeneration.

Andak meets Azen, a beautiful, human girl whose powers, ability to heal and magick seems to be waning.

Andak the DIsmembered

Voyage to the edge of the world, in search of the holiest of holy places and the object of the great god Enki’s obsession. Somewhere, far in the chaotic jungles of ancient Kemet lies the source of all life: a forbidden necropolis and laboratory of unspeakable horrors, a tomb of the deep dead under the earth whose walls are studded with the wretched, entrapped dead.

Welcome back my friends, to the world of Cthulhu Mythos, where magic is powered by your dreams, where the universe is a toybox you can experiment on, where bloodlust rules supreme and self-mutilation and unholy resurrection are hobbies for the sophisticated, where the terrible black horror has no limits and where evil is everywhere.

Cthulhu Mythos is one of the most well known and enduring mythos’s in popular culture and the source material from which we hope to expand the vision of gameplay and detail of our game, Andak the DIsmembered.

It’s been a while since we posted the design of the game, and we’ve done our best to keep you up to date with the progress. From a devblog about the work being done to finally getting on the Kickstarter train, and on with another update, another stage of development.

We have done some pretty extensive work on the mechanics as well to make them more streamlined and logical. The enemy characters now have their own looks, their own abilities, and their own weaknesses, such as:

The Abattoirman is a slasher with a fetish for chains

the Blade of the Lost and man-eater.

The Serpentlike Ripper

The Decapitator of Blood

The Dowsing Wanderer, much feared in his village and considered lucky to have escaped with his skin.

The Devil’s Choir, a band of the damned, and the only survivor of a war.

The Fury that had no name

The Abominable She-Ships.

And many more…

The abattoirman is a creature of primal bloodlust, devouring the bodies of his[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Ritualistically scrape painful scratches and welts along your limbs' joints. Heat a sauna-sized amount of lye in a ceramic pot, stir, and let sit for 30 minutes. Your entire body will be covered in a hot, painful peeling rash, and will peel off all layers of skin. This will burn, because it's melted lye, and will cause your body to burn, and then your skin will be raw and scabbed over for hours. It will scab over, get red and sore, and peel, and then your whole body will peel and scab. When the scab drops off, it will be all muscle. You will only lose some of the same muscles that are used to peel skin, but you'll lose all of the fat and skin that you have under your skin. You'll have to eat a strict paleo diet for a month, and then start exercising at a third of your former body weight. The peeling will take weeks to months. After that, you'll be fine. It's a common thing, but nobody knows why or how it happens.

Spread the word about mass skin peeling on Reddit

Look at these fantastic before and after pics of skin peeling - free healthcare/social services,[/font]
Lmao ?. Shh love you. Starve and feed cold fever. Careful fragile. Don’t worry so much we got you
Maknig some stuff
[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Bohga looted hundreds of abandoned monasteries and temples in the aftermath of the rampage of the spawn of Rovagug known as Kothogaz, but after a millennium meditating upon the stolen goods, she attained perfection and came to be known as the Treasurer. She appears as a beautiful but faceless woman made of gold and gems.

Contents show]

Appearance Edit

Bohga is a beautiful woman made of pure gold and gems. She wears a sparkling golden dress decorated with sparkling gems and a golden headpiece with gems decorating it. The gems adorning her dress are engraved with writing. She wears a necklace of endless jewels studded with small golden pearls, the gems are ornamented with many figures etched in gold. Her long hair is drawn back into a loop and a large gemstone is pinned into the loop. Her face is pale and radiant. Her eyes, her ears, and every gem in her face are shining gems. The tip of her nose is adorned with a sapphire, and her lips are a deep red. She has a delicately carved mouth, a perfect and perfect white smile, and her dark brown skin is overlaid with golden smears. Her lips are painted red and her eyes were made of diamonds.

Bohga has strange blue-green sagging cheeks, and her mouth has been cut off in the middle to form a horrifying scar. The tip of her nose is also sharp and points upward to her chin. Her cheeks are slightly lighter than her lips, and her hair is painted with streaks of white, red, and purple.

It is implied that Bohga is undead. Bohga stares straight into the eyes of one as if she is asking him if he knows the location of the Ark.

Bohga has the ability to absorb and destroy gold with each exhale. The mere look of gold exhausts her, so she had to wear the headpiece. When the man she was chasing was destroyed, the gold in her possession was purified by her own divine power. However, no such resource could be acquired by a common man. She had to wait until she reached a place full of treasures. After collecting her supplies and settling in a city, she moved on, and gathered an army of the dead.

Bohga's soldiers loot gold and hoard valuables as she lays at rest. However, her army has the same plans, for they plunder other towns as well. She sends her forces on long expeditions to become the most powerful treasure hunters in the world. She wages a[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Spend 1 hour recording reasons you deserve another's treasured heirloom and devising ways to steal it for yourself. That's the (almost) all-powerful Mega Man X2's task.

This delightful 64-Bit fan-remake [Spotted on Eurogamer's homepage] has some astonishing feats - it's been released in late December, almost a whole year to the day since it began development - and this is one of the best of the many silly little touches, the many silly little touches that make this marvel of the best kind.

The pleasure of Mega Man X2's heist is all in its design and subtlety, and it comes in very small parts. The tasks you face are straightforward but not trivial: you're required to cut through a few dozen nasty Devices and X2-specific foes in about two hours, though the Dark Hole makes things infinitely more complex. This time the devices are considerably more difficult to evade, which adds a challenge and an extra layer of visual interest.

You need to do most of this in four distinct hours, though you could do all of it in half an hour if you wanted to!

There are obstacles though. The first is that if you are[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Spend 1 hour recording reasons you deserve another's treasured heirloom and devising ways to steal it for yourself. We've got a listing of historical and modern heirloom seeds, including maize, strawberries, cardamom, roses, onions, garlic, coffee, and more!

The estate sale component is the kicker, and some of the real treats here. By buying items from us (that is, you, the prospective donor), you can become an unpaid geneticist for this auction, improving the gene pool with unique, formerly obscure, unique, or ultra-rare genes.

Did you just want to know why stuff is valuable? The sale includes historic documents, vintage stock certificates, real estate, vintage cars, commercial real estate, personal computers, antique furniture, fine jewelry, china, silver, art, and perhaps even three peppercorns.

We are neither "fraud" nor "astrologer" , but we've been incredibly successful with other claims to great wealth.

You will become wealthy. As of November, 2012, WealthCam has accrued 710,000 points and will expire within two years (1.8 year to expire) on February 25th, 2036 (5,340 year), while you[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]axes, dismemberment, torture

If you knew nothing about children’s toys, you would imagine that no toy is more playful than a cardboard box. It could be flattened, folded and, in the hands of a child, tossed back and forth like a Frisbee.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many cardboard toys can seriously injure children, said Lynn Geiger, MD, medical director of orthopedic trauma at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Almost all are improperly packaged. Some even violate the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s child safety standards.

The most common issue: The box can’t withstand the pressure of a child or sharp edge of a toy.

So the manufacturer has to provide a sturdy container to protect against the hazards. But it can do that only if the box is thicker than the toy.

“The lighter the toy, the less risk,” Dr. Geiger said.

No one’s worried about a feather-light plastic foam ball coming to life and hurling a child through the window. But a plastic ball with a sharp, pointy object at one[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]axes, dismemberment, torture, suicide

LOS ANGELES – There was nothing ordinary about a series of photos released Wednesday by authorities that show the dismembered remains of a young couple that were found in a park in February.

Sandra Park, chief of detectives for the Los Angeles Police Department, identified the remains as Gustavo Aranda, 22, and Maria del Carmen Estrada, 21. They were found in Monterey Park on Feb. 17, in two cardboard boxes, she said.

Aranda was identified through dental records, Park said, and Estrada was identified through a tip to investigators.

Estrada, who was reported missing about a month before the bodies were found, suffered from depression and may have killed herself, her family said. She was also reportedly enrolled in a professional development program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

Sobbing and breathing rapidly, Park said the pair were bound with plastic cables. A yoga-type head wrap and a chain were found at the scene.

At the time of their discovery, Aranda worked[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Axes, Dismemberment, Torture. What Soundtracks Are Your Nuts of Steel Made Of?

Ascension is a new comp of a full compilation, showcasing five artists' non-tactile instruments and sound collages—hence the title. Each band pays homage to their musical hero, and the results are nothing short of staggeringly brilliant. With razor sharp cuts to B-side tracks and a perfect balance of psychedelic and visceral, this music is superlative. The Field Painter, that elephant's got the most nimble jawline in stoner rock; Tazmily of Nonsuch, what you call the warm, soft sound of patchouli and exotica (sometimes in the same song); and Fay's psychedelic thrash sultry punk, or so I've been told. The music takes you deep, even if you have to search for it. You're never quite sure what you're going to get.

—Sam Kuhn

8. Like God Only Knows by Lionheart

From Lionheart: Like God Only Knows sounds like a bunch of ladies making Beach Boys "Kokomo"–style hits (unless they're really playing with broken surfboards). Singer Jennie Dawn[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Keen edge, quickened inflict serious wounds, massacre.

Ridley sheathed his twin axes as his eyes widened at the sight.

In the nearly complete darkness, a chaotic sight was being made.

The creatures around them began to fall, their cries muffled as their bodies collapsed to the ground.

From the same gloom, the buzzing sound began to increase in volume.

It was the sound of the bitten and cursed creatures departing.

Some tried to run, but the effects of the plague had taken hold and they could barely lift their legs.

Darth Voldemort threw the words like a barrage of ordinance.

Ridley knew that the only thing that would be able to withstand this sort of bombardment was an ancient darkness that stayed within him.

Darth Voldemort's vision blurred.

He lowered his arms and lifted his arms, releasing the power.

His entire body was cloaked in a black aura, a darkness that blotted out the light of the stars.

His chest heaved as he gulped in air.

He smiled a wicked smile as his enemies were overwhelmed by his dark power.

He released his[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Keen edge, quickened inflict serious wounds, massacre. Each moment, a new slashing torrent, a tornado of sword strikes and ground stabbings, boots and knees, shouts and curses. Ominous howls, fighting spasmodically, savagely. Groans. A rain of mud, blood, gore and stink. The bone of the dead, found in groups or alone, strewn around the earthen floor of the chamber, turned to cobwebs and shadows. As we approach the dark core of the sound, where the battle and blood are the most intense, we come upon the bloody and broken corpses of city guards. Barricades bent in the black from the blows of giant axes, broken bodies, bodies and parts and blood and dirt, writhing in pain and agony. One corpse, lifeless. By none of the attackers. It is inky black. Empty eye sockets. Unused muscles. Spiritless. A moon of emptiness is what it stares at. Intense light from an echoscooter shines through the sword in its skull. Pressed down, holding against the floor. For each moment that passes, the scene before us becomes more and more gruesome and upsetting.[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Avarice, meditation, vigilance. These are the things of money. It is when one uses money that he is dead. –Hans Kelsen, in The Ethics of Money Creation

When I was in undergraduate university, I never got into the law. I was interested in philosophy. I was interested in science. I wanted to do philosophy, I wanted to do physics. When it came to the law, I was like, “I can’t do that.” When you consider that you could be spending the better part of your life at university, I saw that as a huge sacrifice and very counterproductive.

When I was applying to law school, I still didn’t want to be a lawyer. But as I got closer to doing it, I was thinking, “OK, well what is the worst that could happen if I did this?” So in the end, I became a lawyer.

I had this rule: I didn’t take client work. If I took client work, I wouldn’t be able to think about what I wanted to do. So I had to do work that I didn’t particularly like.

It sounds really funny, but this was exactly the way I wanted to practice law. I’m so happy that I[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Clairaudience/clairvoyance, greater scrying, foresight. See (visionary voice, inner-seeing). See (altered mind, free mind). See (astral body, spirit form). See (psychic). See (psychic technique). See (psychic reception). See (psychic working). See (psychic communication). See (phantasm). See (psychic channeling). See (shamanic consciousness). See (babylonian clay tablet). See (occultism). See (occult studies). See (magick). See (religious research). See (spiritualism). See (shamanism). See (spiritualism and ceremony). See (spiritualism and ritual). See (shamanism and healing). See (shamanism and medicine). See (shamanism and magic). See (shamanism and martial arts). See (shamanism and interdimensional physics). See (shamanism and ESP). See (shamanism and navigation). See (shamanism and spiritualism). See (shamanism and telepathy). See (shamanism and spirit photography). See (shamanism and spiritualism). See (shamanism and shamanism). See (shamanism and telekinesis). See (shamanism and survivalism). See (shamanism and the occult). See (sh[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Clairaudience/clairvoyance, greater scrying, foresight. The “Mooises are yours” versions of this trope can be found in the western and eastern-influenced languages of western Asia and the Indian subcontinent. The word originates from Persian and was added to English in the 18th century as a derivation of the Persian verb, clair-o-vahi (meaning clear perception). Some well-known words derived from clair-o-vahi are electroencephalogram, ECG, and psychometrics. Clairaudience/clairvoyance, specifically as noted by Jung in his text "Psychological Types," is also defined by his pupil, Edward Strachey, as a gift from the spirit world.

Jung has proposed that the following subsections define the distinctions between the typical capacities and transits of the types of psychic abilities represented by the Jungian Types:

Clairaudience is defined as hearing or feeling the presence of a person or object of another being. As a non-instrumental, non-material part of the self-organizing psyche, clairaudience manifests itself in perceiving another person’[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Chugarra appears as a skinless obese butcher who wears a bloodstained leather apron and carries a cleaver-like axe in each hand. Those who fall to his axes find portions of their flesh temporarily added to his body. If he ever loses one of the weapons, he will instantly recover it with a single swing of his axe. The barber pole connecting the two at the top of his head (a source of much humor and mystery) allows him to cut the hair of his nearby customers, but do so at a great cost, as he quickly loses his customers' heads each time he cuts off their hair. Chugarra's trademark is the decapitation of his customers. He also has a high, percussive singing voice that tends to disturb people, much like a six-foot-tall man screeching at the top of his lungs.


In the scenario "The Shell Game", in-game text is edited by Jeffrey Annis-Fahey, which provides a description of the character

When your good friend Chuck went out of business due to Minsky's disappearance, Chugarra (pronounced Choo-Pee-Ra) stepped into the breach. He is the ultimate representative of the "new meat", the tinier meat-is-better, "McDonald's" approach to harvesting. His favorite flavor of onion rings is the "Carcass".[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Chugarra appears as a skinless obese butcher who wears a bloodstained leather apron and carries a cleaver-like axe in each hand. Those who fall to his axes find portions of their flesh temporarily added to his body. Only the law of value and laws of physics prevent him from working tirelessly all day, night and week.

Chugarra [ 締車 ]

An obese butcher who lives on the Moon. Chugarra appeared in short white shorts with an old hanging shoe on his left foot. With each swinging swing, he would cut off portions of flesh from the victims’ legs, arms and abdomens. Chugarra’s axe-like heads would immediately replace the flesh he removed from the victims’ bodies and serve as its functional replace parts. After a short period of time, the flesh would begin to decompose, causing the heads to slowly deteriorate and lose the ability to become actual axe-heads. However, as the heads decayed, they would begin to continue Chugarra’s task of butchering all who fell to his axes. After becoming both the body and head of a monstrous, bloodthirsty butcher, Chugarra would wander the streets, walking past houses and stores as he scavenged for food and other forms of sustenance.

Apart from his early origins as a flesh-[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Chugarra appears as a skinless obese butcher who wears a bloodstained leather apron and carries a cleaver-like axe in each hand. Those who fall to his axes find portions of their flesh temporarily added to his body. In his introduction, author John Connolly describes Chugarra's motives thus:

When you've hit bottom, you realize you have nothing left. You can either starve or bleed to death, so you bleed... Chugarra seemed to sense that after years of poverty, he was better off as a carcass in the street than in one of the high-rise butcher shops.

Frankenstein from the Streets

That day Chugarra came to work in a hospital ward, which had sprung up behind the slaughterhouse. A policeman had brought him there, telling the doctor there had been complaints about him chopping off pieces of the dead. The doctor was mortified, but the policeman suggested he try him out, and put Chugarra to work in the morgue. Chugarra worked in the morgue and the hospital ward, running the morgue in between jobs. Chugarra knew he couldn't survive on his wages, and arranged to receive food from his sister in exchange for slicing off the meat of victims who were still alive.[1]

Chugarra worked for several months without[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Either butcher an animal or work on the crafting of a leather garment.

When you have acquired the meat, gather a few herbs and meat to prepare it.

It is a good idea to grind the herb, meat and skin together, but if you do not, the skin will absorb all the liquid, leaving little to eat.

The meat can be made into kabobs, fowl or sheep roasts and stew.

Grind the meat in a mortar and pestle or similar.

Add a little salt to taste.

It is spring has come.

And summer is here with you.

I love this time of the year.

All this wind and warmth.

I cannot get enough.

I have been out in it every day.

Lately I have been craving sandwiches, and when I was working at the brick oven I got to eat quite a few of them.

It seems to be a common thing when you start making bread again.

I have seen many posts from a lot of you guys on FB talking about all the sandwiches you have been making for yourself.

It's pretty cool how many we have in common.

We all love sandwiches and are probably much the same in what goes on our sandwiches.

You can really make any[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Either butcher an animal or work on the crafting of a leather garment.

Before you collect wood, gather a load of fresh water to ease the process of gathering and using wood.

Before you split wood, have at least 20 minutes of good movement and think of good words or associations.

Habit: For every five minutes you spend on making a leather garment, eat a meal that requires food preparation.

Keep in mind that you should eat around noon, after you have gathered some fuel for the day.

Do not eat raw fish, since it can lead to rotting.

Day 1: Breakfast

When you have a clear view of the tree, go to your right, after which you must slide on your belly to reach the pocket of snow where you can get a drink of water.

When you have gone in and had a good drink, go back to your cabin.

Feed the goats and make sure you have enough wheat for them to eat.

It’s better to split them once in the morning, but the truth is that you’re there.

Feed the wolf, which might remind you that you should not eat it.

If you still have the chunk of potato you took to your[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Blood, butchers, leather.

Something was strange, but Alex didn’t have time to think about it because they were at the commissary.

Two uniformed guards were in the doorway, protecting the children.

One grabbed Alex’s arm and the other pulled Victoria’s.

“Come with me, sir.

And stay close to him.”

“Of course.

What’s going on?”

The guard took them into the hallway.

“Get this, sir.

It looks like they killed your husband!”

“You heard me right.

This is the commissary.

They made a hole in the roof and brought the body down here.”

“One of our soldiers didn’t see them, and he got killed trying to get to his child.

We were holding the walls, but we lost contact with them.

This is why we just got the signal to send our men home.”

“It makes no sense.

I’m not seeing how they got inside the commissary without setting off the alarms or alarms on the outside.”

The guard looked out into the corridor.

“It’s pretty quiet in there now.

Maybe it’s safe.”

Alex thought about that.

He could see the commissary[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Blood, butchers, leather.


Prickling gooseflesh raked his skin.

Panting dogs circled the building.

One came near enough to him to give him a quick, painful bite.

Suddenly, everything went still.

Someone else was moving nearby.

The night was silent except for the snoring of the wounded.

Suddenly, there was movement and fear gripped him.

"There you are.

Damn it.

We can't leave you here.

Leave them."

Malek was already moving toward him, the graying hair of his staff rustling the night's peaceful air.

The stranger hissed, "That's not what I was going to do.

What are you?"

What am I?



Not a demon.

Can't you smell me?

What do you want?"

"You'd better run."

The bones crunched in the dark.

"Damn it."

This was not good.

This was the kind of thing his kind avoided.

He was, after all, the Lord of Death, and when it came to his job, he never let a soul linger.

Even before the curse, when he'd been mortal, he'd made sure to send souls back to the Underworld or God or Purg[/font]

[font="Source Sans Pro", sans-serif]Blood biography, finger of death, quickened slough. We have all heard about death and just how it happens, but how much do we really know? We do not usually think of how the loss of life causes grief and suffering for the living. However, we find it more prevalent now than ever before.

On Sunday, 5 November 2014, Sadhvi Pragya Yadav, 43, of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), died when a bomb was placed under her seat on a Mumbai-bound flight and exploded. In the course of time, the media has shown the pain and grief in the families of those who lost their loved ones. The middle-aged RSS pracharak left a wife and two small daughters behind and was a respected figure in the community. His mother Bina Pragya, 64, who has been informed of her son’s death, said that she was devastated.

The story of Pragya Yadav is not new. The RSS pracharak had several close friends and a younger brother who worked with him. She had spoken with them at the family home in Delhi in the morning on 30 October. His mother said he was a law abiding citizen[/font]
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