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talk to me about star trek: a place for star trek dialogue
Say any thoughts. For example I think that the alternative uniform in TNG, the 'skant':

[Image: skants.png]
should have been utilized more, especially since they made a choice that it should be unisex and is shown worn by men and women, but only sometimes...
since you have made a dress unisex to show off your sexism-less future, show it off! cowardice. Also it should have been wore by members of the main cast instead of only being worn by background characters. Deanna Troi wore a skant in the pilot of TNG but after that she did not anymore because apparently audiences found her 'cheerleader like'. I suppose this meant that the garnment was seen as less serious than the standard duty uniform. How silly. (you could argue that ironically this is kind of sexist since the traditionaly female dress is seen as less serious than the professional male trousers? this show is so fun )
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